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The Warehouse Management System

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WMS (Warehouse Management System) is a system to control movement and storage of materials within a warehouse. The role of WMS is expanding to Receiving, Order Picking, and Cycle Count; Put away, Picking & Shipping and Replenishment.

Best Solutions

Power Pick Global (WMS) is a software solution for managing inventory and controlling order picking and automated handling. Power-Pick-Global-Software-Solutions provides various picking strategies to optimize picking processes such as batch picking, zone handling, dynamic zones, area handling and multi-user-picking. Multi-user-picking provides the flexibility needed to add additional labor to increase picking speeds when order volume is high, increasing productivity significantly. Bar code verification, weight control, and a variety of pick-to-light technology results in an increase in accuracy and a reduction in errors. Pick-to-light and put-to-light optical indicators are designed to direct the operator to the exact location of the pick. Combining these picking strategies can increase accuracy up to 99.9%.

Legacy Software: FastPic Inventory Management Software

The FastPic suite of inventory management software provides high throughput transaction speeds with point and click simplicity. Feature rich supervisory reports, bulk storage management, pick branding, continuous batch picking, plus controlling one or multiple workstations and equipment, including rack, shelving, pick-to-light flow rack, carousels, VLMs and more.

          General Features

          • Warehouse Type Manufacturing, Spare Parts and Third Party

          • AS/RS and Conventional Warehouse

          • Configurable Function

          • External System Interface


          • Activity Reporting
          • Inventory Status
          • Order Status
          • Statistics
          • Exporting to.csv fomat

          External Interface
          • Host: SAP, Oracle ERP, AS400, Movex, JD Edwards,Microsoft Dynamics NAV, etc

          • Middleware: MQ Series, TIBCO, BAPI, etc

          • Text Files, CSV Files, XML Files

          • Bi-Direction

          • Batch, Real-Time


                    • Planned Receive

                    • Unplanned Receive

                    • QA, Quality Control

                    • Barcode Generation, Labelling

                    • Palletization

                    • Goods Return

                    • Cross-Docking

                    • Replenishment

                    • Put-Away Strategy: Zoning / Path Optimisation

                    • Profile Checking (AS/RS)

                    • Weight Control (AS/RS)


                    • Planned Issue
                    • Unplanned Issue
                    • Expiry Date, Shelf Life
                    • Order Picking, Loose Picking
                    • Picking Strategy: FIFO / LIFO / Path Optimization / Batch / Lot / Serial No

                    Take Stock

                    • Stock Take by Item, Location
                    • ABC Anakysis Cycle Count
                    • Reconciliation
                    • Stock Discrepancy Report


                    • Item Master

                    • Customer and Supplier

                    • Equipment Maintenance

                    • Rack Maintenance

                    • Inventory Status Enquiry

                    • Location Status Enquiry

                    • WIP Transaction

                    • Database Backup

                    Labor Management 

                    • Task Prioritization

                    • Task Optimization

                    • Task Monitoring

                    • Tracking