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Sensornic Co.,Ltd. was established in 2002 


We are design and build total solution company for support automation system . Lowering implementation cost and meeting the specific need of individual industries are our polices since sensornic company was established . 

We are a team of passionate people whose goal is to improve your business through our products. We build great products to solve your business problems.

Our products are designed for small to medium size companies willing to optimize their business performance with automation system.


The Management Team

Anuchit Narkglom , Managing Director

Founder and Managing Director, which is the driving force behind the company, he loves to make a contribution to the development of automation.

The service is an automated consultancy and customer business strategy.

Mobile: +666 2425 4654

Line: anuchit-win

anuchit @ sensornic.com

Sebastain Leung , Project Director

Sebastain loves the challenge with over 20 years of experience as a  service provider of logistics in the logistics industry, he has helped many clients to get benefit from the Material handling solution. Today, he can provide the best solution for each customer.

Mobile: +669 0251 093

Line: sebastian-hkg

sebastian @ sensornic.com

Chuchart Boriboon , Development Manager 

Chuchart  is one of the most famous celebrities in production improvement can be said that he is a man of development. He advises on the 100+ improvement project in electronics manufacturing. He is a Certified Black Belt in Six Sigma.

Mobile: +669 0251 0937

Line: sensornic

chuchart @sensornic.com

Taradol Sirijantakul , Engineering Manager

Taradol , who has more than 15 years of programming experience, allows us to easily use complex hardware and software integrator . He is committed to driving success and providing professional acumen to bring the company to the next level.

Mobile: +668 4524 9997

Line: jokekrub 

taradol @sensornic.com

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