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Selective racking

The conventional pallet racking system offers the best solution for warehouses where a wide range of references need to be stored on pallets.

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  • Direct access to products. Perfect for working with a wide selection of goods.
  • Easy stock control.
  • Adapts to any space, size or product weight to be stored.
  • Good access to individual pallets at every level.
  • Good stock control as each location is dedicated to one pallet.
  • Adaptability for any load type in terms of weight and volume.



        Conventional Pallet Racking for lift trucks is the best solution for warehouses where it is necessary to keep a wide range of articles in pallets. The wide range of profiles and accessories provides optimal adaptation to each load and height requirement. The layout and height of the racking are determined by the characteristics of forklifts, pallets to be stored and the dimensions of the premises.



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