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Gravity Racking

Save space, Increase picking efficiency with first-in, first-out storage

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Features and Benefits

  • Save time, space, and labor

  • Provides high density storage

  • Cost efficient

  • Shelves can be adjusted to meet product dimension

  • Reduces loading and unloading congestion

  • Provide the fast paced and readily available turnover of perishable and date sensitive food and beverage products


            Gravity flow racks act as non-powered, downward-sloped storage conveyors, which allow for all subsequent pallets or cartons to move to the forefront, once the preceding item has been removed, otherwise know as first in first out(FIFO) racking. Item are loaded into the high end of the rack, one by one. Within a confined lane, the product then travels forward over a deck of wheels or rollers, down the shelf, filling the structure from front to back end.

            In utilizing gravitational forces, pallets and cartons naturally find their path, filling in an orderly fashion, while consistently refilling the forward-most position for easy retrieval. Gravity flow racking uses space efficiently providing high density storage. The FIFO aspect of gravity flow racking and the natural flow of product makes it easier for workers to access the stock they seek, either by forklift or manual picking for smaller items. 


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