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High-rise racking(ASRS)

High Rise AS/RS Racking provides high density storage whilst still permitting individual access to all pallets.

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Features & benefits

  • Optimum solution for efficient, orderly and flexible pallet and piece goods storage

  • Longitudinal and traverse storage possible

  • Closed box sections ensure high stability

  • Stands consisting of cold worked profiles which are bolted on the floor on-site

  • Direct access to each and every stored pallet

  • Easy to control inventory

  • System having design features define the stability, rigidity, flexibility, safety and ease of assembly



            high-rise automated storage/retrieval system (ASRS) are easily accessible to anyone. High-rise automated storage/retrieval system(ASRS) allow a larger storage capacity by storing items vertically in multi-story racks. Our wide-ranging product line-up includes pallets, cases, cartons, and buckets, and also addresses special environments such as freezers, explosion-proofing, and clean facilities

            Our automated storage/retrieval systems(ASRS) have an integrated structure of racks (shelves) and cranes that enables vertical storage of items and maximum use of space up to the ceiling, which is the most important feature of automated storage/retrieval systems(ASRS).

            Automated storage/retrieval systems(ASRS) can be controlled with a single touch of the touch panel or with the barcode reader. Introducing an automated storage/retrieval system(ASRS) helps drastically reduce time and effort spent searching, walking, and retrieving. Further, a single operator can handle multiple cranes at automated storage/retrieval system(ASRS). It is also easy to introduce automatic controllable online systems(ASRS).

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