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Opto-Mechanical components

About Opto-mechanical Components

    Optomechanics offer a variety for mounting or positioning options for a wide range of optical applications. It includes optical holders and mounts, diaphragms, shutters, optical rails, carriers or other components used to build optical systems. Optomechanics allow you to create work environment in which your components are stabilized and accurately positioned. These components enable high stability as well as high accuracy to mounted optical components to increase the efficiency of optical systems. 

A wide selection of optomechanical accessories or adapters is also available to increase system compatibility, modularity, or versatility of optical systems. Many parameters must be taken into account when choosing mechanical parts. Whether for optics holders, diaphragm or any other mechanical component, an optimum optical system requires the correct dimensions and specific adjustments. Optics need to be placed in appropriate positions in order to set up an optical system.

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Choosing threads on Stands and Post Holders

    Most holders in the catalog are mounted with a M6 male thread post. To call out a different male thread post, the female internal thread must be changed according to the post type Specifying an option code to the suffix of the part number allows to change the female thread for post mounting to 8-32UNC female or M4 female. The following charts show the different suffixes.