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VNA racking

Very Narrow Aisle racking commonly referred to as VNA is an effective method of increasing pallet storage with in a given area with the advantages of selective racking.

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  • - Advantageous for high SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) counts with pallet in/ pallet out movements
  • - 100% pallet selectivity
  • - Can pick cases at elevated levels with order picker truck
  • - Utilizes specialized VNA lift trucks
  • - Maintains FIFO (First in, First out) 



  •     Very narrow aisle racking systems often use guide rails to create a bumper rails for the forklift to travel down. VNA rack is the ultimate in storage density but requires expensive lift equipment that can operate in such a narrow aisle. VNA racking systems are often used in picking operations that require tremendous storage density and picking efficiency
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